2008 U.S. congressional elections (Colorado)

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This article describes the elections for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate from Colorado in 2008. See the Colorado state portal for more information.

In the 110th Congress, Colorado had 4 Democrats and 3 Republicans in the House, as well as 1 Democratic and 1 Republican senator

In the 2008 elections, Colorado elected 5 Democrats and 2 Republicans to the House, and now has 2 Democratic Senators.


Vacant (Incumbent Wayne Allard (R) is not seeking re-election)

Winner: Mark Udall

  • Republican candidate: Bob Schaffer
  • Democratic candidate: Mark Udall
  • Green candidate: Bob Kinsey
  • American Constitution candidate: Douglass Campbell
  • Independent candidate: Jerry Dean Carter


District 1

Incumbent (Democrat): Diana DeGette

Winner: Diana DeGette

District 2

Vacant (Incumbent Mark Udall (D) is instead running for the Senate)

Winner: Jared Polis

District 3

Incumbent (Democrat): John Salazar

Winner: John Salazar

District 4

Incumbent (Republican): Marilyn Musgrave

Winner: Betsy Markey

District 5

Incumbent (Republican): Doug Lamborn

Winner: Doug Lamborn

  • Republican candidate: Doug Lamborn
  • Democratic candidate: Hal Bidlack
  • Unaffiliated candidate: Richard Hand
  • Unaffiliated candidate: Walter Curtis Imrie Jr.
  • American Constitution candidate: Brian X. Scott

District 6

Incumbent (Republican): Tom Tancredo will not seek reelection

Winner: Mike Coffman

District 7

Incumbent (Democrat): Ed Perlmutter

Winner: Ed Perlmutter

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