2008 U.S. congressional elections (Florida)

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This article describes the elections for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate from Florida in 2008. See the Florida state portal for more information.

In the 110th Congress, Florida had 16 Republicans and 9 Democrats in the House as well as, 1 Democratic and 1 Republican Senator.

In the 2008 elections, Florida elected 15 Republicans and 10 Democrats to the House, and continues to have 1 Democratic and 1 Republican Senator.


District 1

Incumbent (Republican): Jeff Miller

Winner:Jeff Miller

District 2

Incumbent (Democrat): Allen Boyd

Winner: Allen Boyd

District 3

Incumbent (Democrat): Corrine Brown

Winner: Corrine Brown

  • Democratic candidate:Corrine Brown
  • Republican candidate:None
  • Libertarian candidate:None

District 4

Incumbent (Republican): Ander Crenshaw

Winner:Ander Crenshaw

District 5

Incumbent (Republican): Ginny Brown Waite

Winner: Ginny Brown Waite

District 6

Incumbent (Republican): Cliff Stearns

Winner: Cliff Stearns

District 7

Incumbent (Republican): John Mica

Winner: John Mica

District 8

Incumbent (Republican): Ric Keller

Winner: Alan Grayson

District 9

Incumbent (Republican): Gus Bilirakis

Winner: Gus Bilirakis

District 10

Incumbent (Republican): Bill Young

Winner: Bill Young

District 11

Incumbent (Democrat): Kathy Castor

Winner: Kathy Castor

District 12

Incumbent (Republican): Adam Putnam

Winner: Adam Putnam

District 13

Incumbent (Republican): Vern Buchanan

Winner: Vern Buchanan

District 14

Incumbent (Republican): Connie Mack

Winner: Connie Mack

District 15

Incumbent (Republican): Dave Weldon is not running for re-election

Winner: Bill Posey

District 16

Incumbent (Democrat): Tim Mahoney

Winner: Tom Rooney

District 17

Incumbent (Democrat): Kendrick Meek

Winner: Kendrick Meek

  • Democratic candidate: Kendrick Meek
  • Republican candidate: None
  • Libertarian candidate: None

District 18

Incumbent (Republican): Ileana Ros Lehtinen

Winner: Ileana Ros Lehtinen

District 19

Incumbent (Democrat): Bob Wexler

Winner: Bob Wexler

District 20

Incumbent (Democrat): Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Winner: Debbie Wasserman Schultz

District 21

Incumbent (Republican): Lincoln Diaz Balart

Winner: Lincoln Diaz Balart

District 22

Incumbent (Democrat): Ron Klein

Winner: Ron Klein

District 23

Incumbent (Democrat): Alcee Hastings

Winner: Alcee Hastings

District 24

Incumbent (Republican): Tom Feeney

Winner: Suzanne Kosmas

District 25

Incumbent (Republican): Mario Diaz Balart

Winner: Mario Diaz Balart

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