2008 U.S. congressional elections (Illinois)

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This article describes the elections for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate from Illinois in 2008. See the Illinois state portal for more information.

In the 110th Congress, Illinois had 11 Democrats and 8 Republicans in the U.S. House and 2 Democratic senators.

In the 2008 elections, Illinois elected 12 Democrats and 7 Republicans to the U.S. House, and continues to have 2 Democratic Senators.


Incumbent (Democrat): Dick Durbin


District 1

Incumbent (Democrat): Bobby Rush

District 2

Incumbent (Democrat): Jesse Jackson Jr.

Winner: Jesse Jackson, Jr.

District 3

Incumbent (Democrat): Dan Lipinski

Winner: Dan Lipinski

District 4

Incumbent (Democrat): Luis Gutierrez

Winner: Luis Gutierrez

  • Democratic candidate: Luis Gutierrez
  • Republican candidate: None
  • Libertarian challenger:None

District 5

Incumbent (Democrat): Rahm Emanuel

Winner: Rahm Emanuel

  • Democratic candidate: Rahm Emanuel
  • Republican candidate: None
  • Libertarian challenger: None

District 6

Incumbent (Republican): Peter Roskam

Winner: Peter Roskam

District 7

Incumbent (Democrat): Danny Davis

Winner: Danny Davis

  • Democratic candidate: Danny Davis
  • Republican candidate: None
  • Libertarian challenger: None

District 8

Incumbent (Democrat): Melissa Bean

Winner: Melissa Bean

District 9

Incumbent (Democrat): Jan Schakowsky

Winner: Jan Schakowsky

District 10

Incumbent (Republican): Mark Kirk

Winner: Mark Kirk

  • Democratic candidate: Dan Seals
  • Republican candidate:Mark Kirk
  • Libertarian challenger: None

District 11

Incumbent (Republican) Jerry Weller is retiring

Winner: Debbie Halvorson

District 12

Incumbent (Democrat): Jerry Costello

Winner: Jerry Costello

District 13

Incumbent (Republican): Judy Biggert

Winner: Judy Biggert

District 14

Incumbent (Democrat): Bill Foster

Winner: Bill Foster

District 15

Incumbent (Republican): Tim V. Johnson

Winner: Tim V. Johnson

District 16

Incumbent (Republican): Donald Manzullo

Winner: Donald Manzullo

District 17

Incumbent (Democrat): Phil Hare

Winner: Phil Hare

  • Democratic candidate: Phil Hare
  • Republican candidate: None
  • Libertarian challenger: None

District 18

Incumbent (Republican) Ray LaHood is retiring

Winner: Aaron Schock

District 19

Incumbent (Republican): John Shimkus

Winner: John Shimkus

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