2008 U.S. congressional elections (North Carolina)

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This article describes the elections for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate from North Carolina in 2008. See the North Carolina state portal for more information.

In the 110th Congress, North Carolina had 6 Republicans and 7 Democrats in the House and 2 Republican Senators

In the 2008 elections, North Carolina elected 5 Republicans and 8 Democrats in the House and now has 1 Democratic and 1 Republican senator.


Incumbent (Republican): Elizabeth Dole

Winner: Kay R. Hagan


District 1

Incumbent (Democrat): G.K. Butterfield

Winner: G.K. Butterfield

District 2

Incumbent (Democrat): Bob Etheridge

Winner: Bob Etheridge

District 3

Incumbent (Republican): Walter Jones

Winner: Walter Jones

District 4

Incumbent (Democrat): David Price

Winner: David Price

District 5

Incumbent (Republican): Virginia Foxx

Winner: Virginia Foxx

District 6

Incumbent (Republican): Howard Coble

Winner: Howard Coble

District 7

Incumbent (Democrat): Mike McIntyre

Winner: Mike McIntyre

District 8

Incumbent (Republican): Robin Hayes

Winner: Larry Kissell

District 9

Incumbent (Republican): Sue Wilkins Myrick

Winner: Sue Wilkins Myrick

District 10

Incumbent (Republican): Patrick McHenry

Winner: Patrick McHenry

District 11

Incumbent (Democrat): Heath Shuler

Winner: Heath Shuler

District 12

Incumbent (Democrat): Mel Watt

Winner: Mel Watt

District 13

Incumbent (Democrat): Brad Miller

Winner: Brad Miller

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