2008 U.S. congressional elections (Oregon)

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In the 110th Congress, Oregon had 1 Republican and 4 Democrats in the House, as well as 1 Republican and 1 Democratic Senator.

In the 2008 elections, Oregon elected 1 Republican and 4 Democrats to the House and now has 2 Democratic Senators.



Incumbent (Republican): Gordon Smith

Winner: Jeff Merkley

District 1

Incumbent (Democrat): David Wu

Winner: David Wu

District 2

Incumbent (Republican): Greg Walden

Winner: Greg Walden

District 3

Incumbent (Democrat): Earl Blumenauer

Winner: Earl Blumenauer

District 4

Incumbent (Democrat): Peter DeFazio

Winner: Peter DeFazio

District 5

Incumbent: none (Darlene Hooley did not run for reelection.)

Winner: Kurt Schrader

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