2008 U.S. congressional elections (Texas)

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This article describes the elections for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate from Texas in 2008. See the Texas state portal for more information.

In the 110th Congress, Texas had 19 Republicans and 13 Democrats in the House, as well as 2 Republican Senators.

In the 2008 elections, Texas elected 20 Republicans and 12 Democrats to House and continues to have 2 Republicans in the Senate.


Incumbent (Republican): John Cornyn

Winner: John Cornyn


District 1

Incumbent (Republican): Louie Gohmert

Winner: Louie Gohmert

District 2

Incumbent (Republican): Ted Poe

Winner: Ted Poe

  • Democratic candidate: none
  • Republican candidate: Ted Poe
  • Libertarian candidate: Craig Wolfe

District 3

Incumbent (Republican): Sam Johnson

Winner: Sam Johnson

District 4

Incumbent (Republican): Ralph Hall

Winner: Ralph Hall

District 5

Incumbent (Republican): Jeb Hensarling

Winner: Jeb Hensarling

District 6

Incumbent (Republican): Joe Barton

Winner: Joe Barton

District 7

Incumbent (Republican): John Culberson

Winner: John Culberson

District 8

Incumbent (Republican): Kevin Brady

Winner: Kevin Brady

District 9

Incumbent (Democrat): Al Green

Winner: Al Green

District 10

Incumbent (Republican): Michael McCaul

Winner: Michael McCaul

District 11

Incumbent (Republican): Mike Conaway

Winner: Mike Conaway

District 12

Incumbent (Republican): Kay Granger

Winner: Kay Granger

District 13

Incumbent (Republican): Mac Thornberry

Winner: Mac Thornberry

District 14

Incumbent (Republican): Ron Paul

Winner: Ron Paul

District 15

Incumbent (Democrat): Ruben Hinojosa

Winner: Ruben Hinojosa

District 16

Incumbent (Democrat): Silvestre Reyes

Winner: Silvestre Reyes

District 17

Incumbent (Democrat): Chet Edwards

Winner: Chet Edwards

District 18

Incumbent (Democrat): Sheila Jackson Lee

Winner: Sheila Jackson Lee

District 19

Incumbent (Republican): Randy Neugebauer

Winner: Randy Neugebauer

District 20

Incumbent (Democrat): Charlie Gonzalez

Winner: Charlie Gonzalez

District 21

Incumbent (Republican): Lamar Smith

Winner: Lamar Smith

District 22

Incumbent (Democrat): Nick Lampson

Winner: Pete Olson

District 23

Incumbent (Democrat): Ciro Rodriguez

Winner: Ciro Rodriguez

District 24

Incumbent (Republican): Kenny Marchant

Winner: Kenny Marchant

District 25

Incumbent (Democrat): Lloyd Doggett

Winner: Lloyd Doggett

District 26

Incumbent (Republican): Michael Burgess

Winner: Michael Burgess

District 27

Incumbent (Democrat): Solomon P. Ortiz

Winner: Solomon P. Ortiz

District 28

Incumbent (Democrat): Henry Cuellar

Winner: Henry Cuellar

District 29

Incumbent (Democrat): Gene Green

Winner: Gene Green

District 30

Incumbent (Democrat): Eddie Bernice Johnson

Winner: Eddie Bernice Johnson

District 31

Incumbent (Republican): John Carter

Winner: John Carter

District 32

Incumbent (Republican): Pete Sessions

Winner: Pete Sessions

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