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The American Industrial Health Council (AIHC) was an industry-funded group that lobbies against "excessive" regulation of carcinogens. (AIHC no longer appears in the Washington D.C. phone book).

AIGNC describes itself as "a broad-based industry trade association whose mission is to promote the sound use of scientific principles and procedures in public policy for the assessment and regulation of risks associated with human health effects and ecological effects. AIHC membership includes the manufacturers of consumer products, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, paper, chemicals, motor vehicles, foods, high technology and aerospace products. AIHC does not act as an advocate for any product or chemical."[1]

Contact Information

American Industrial Health Council
2001 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. Suite 760
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: 202-833-2131

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  1. George P. Daston, "Comments on a Children's Health Effects Testing Program", Environment Protection Agency, Attachment P: Statement by George Daston, undated but first indexed on the web in November 2002. The appendix notes that Gaston is from Procter & Gamble.

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