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The Annapolis Center for Science-Based Public Policy does not appear to have filed a return with the IRS since 2007,[1] and its website is defunct.

Annapolis Center for Science-Based Public Policy

In its own words "The Annapolis Center is a national, non-profit, educational organization that supports and promotes responsible energy, environmental, health, and safety decision-making.The Center achieves this goal by supporting the use of risk and cost-benefit analysis both to assist decision-makers in understanding hazards and the relative risks they may present, and to identify areas for emphasis in research and policy." [2]

This organization is Tax-exempt. It's primary exempt purpose is "Development and communication of standards to evaluate product and environmental studies and research. Education of industry public to benefit to benefit of such standards"(sic).[3]

The ExxonSecrets website has a little more "The Annapolis Center actively argues against the idea that global warming is the result of burning fossil fuels. They also advocate increased logging for better forest health and question rising mercury levels among other things. The Annapolis Center is funded primarily by the National Association of Manufacturers. The Center's founder and CEO, Richard Seibert was a former National Association of Manufacturers Vice President."[4]

Fundraising Dinner

Every april The Annapolis Center hosts an annual fundraising dinner in Washington D.C. in which an individual or individuals is honoured "for work in their field supporting rational, science-based thinking and policy-making". These include

Directors and Notable Associates

Dr.Harold M. Koenig Chair/President [8]
Dr. Ronald R. Blanck Vice Chair[9]
Dr. George T. Wolff Director
Dr. Harrison Schmitt Chair Emeritus, Chairman 1994-98[10]
Dr. Alberto Diaz Jr. Director
Dr. Charles H. Pierce Director
Dr. Jack W. Snyder Director
Dr. John S.Parker Director
Dr. McKamy Smith MD Director
Dr. Michael Welner Director
Dr. Stephen B. Lewis MD FACP CDE Director [11]
Paul Ziemkiewicz Director
Josephine Gaskey

Other Notable Associates include

Sallie Baliunas
Richard Lindzen
Richard Seibert
James Inhofe
Robert L. Hirsch
Robert Bush

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