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This is a profile of a freshman U.S. Representative in the 111th Congress. (See the Florida portal for all incumbents, candidates and blogs.)
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Bill Posey currently serves the 15th Congressional District of Florida

Bill Posey has been a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, representing the 15th district of the State of Florida, since 2009 (map).

Positions, record and controversies


Americans must have choices when it comes to health care - like the program being implemented in Florida with emphasis on health maintenance, early disease diagnosis and prevention. Mandating someone’s health coverage is not the answer. The free market must be allowed to work to so that Americans can pick and choose what kind of coverage they want. If true competition is allowed in the insurance industry, prices will come down. Posey supports a move away from employer based health coverage in order to truly open up the industry to free market competition. [1]


Posey supports making the Bush tax cuts permanent. He will never support a tax increase. [2]


Posey supports immediately opening ANWR and our coasts for oil exploration as well as the development of new refineries, expansion of nuclear power plants, diversification of alternate energy sources and incentives for conservation. He is particularly interested in advancing solar energy technologies and improving battery technology. [2]


Posey is opposed to abortion except in the cases of rape or incest or if the life of the mother is at stake.[1]


Posey does not support setting a certain date for withdrawal. [1]


Posey believes we must continue to find ways to increase standards in our public education system if we are to compete in an international workplace in the years to come. NCLB was founded on that principle and that has not changed. The legislation itself, like all legislative programs, must be re-evaluated to ensure it is accomplishing its original intent. As a minimum, as long as the federal government is going to involve itself in evaluating the performance of states, the same standards must apply equally to all states. [2]


Posey supports building the fence that Congress has already authorized along the Mexican border to halt the majority of the influx. [2] He believes we must immediately deport all illegal immigrants that have committed crimes. He is opposed to amnesty programs and supports legislation to make English the official language. [1]


Bill Posey was born in 1947 and has been a Florida resident since 1956. After graduating from Cocoa High, he followed in his father’s footsteps and worked at the Kennedy Space Center until he was laid off with the end of the Apollo Program. Bill is the founder and President of Posey & Co. Realtors with over 30 years of residential and commercial real estate experience. Bill has served as a director of the Florida Association of Realtors and the President of the Space Coast Association of Realtors.

Bill was first elected to the Rockledge City Council in 1976 and then to the Florida House in 1992. He currently serves in the Florida Senate for the 24th district. Bill has received numerous awards over the years including Legislator of the Year from a number of groups including the American Legislative Exchange Council. He is known nationwide for his innovation in bringing greater accountability to government, having authored the book Activity Based Total Accountability.

Bill has been married to his high school sweetheart Katie for 41 years and together they have two grown daughters, Pam and Cathi, and 3 grandchildren. Besides being a devoted husband, dad, and now grandfather, Bill is an accomplished stock car racer, having received the award for short track driver achievement in memory of Davey & Clifford Allison presented by Bobby & Judy Allison.[3]

2000-Pres. Florida Senate
1992-2000 Florida House of Representatives
1976-1986 City of Rockledge City Council

2008 elections

Bill Posey won the Republican nomination while seeking to replace Rep. Dave Weldon (R-Fla.), who is retiring, in the 2008 congressional elections. Posey received 77% of the votes in the Republican primary against two opponents). He went on to defeat Democratic nominee Steve Blythe in the November 4, 2008, general election.[4]

Money in politics

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Campaign contributions

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Committees and affiliations


State Senate Committees:
Ethics & Elections Committee (Chairman), Banking & Insurance Committee (Chairman), Appropriations Committee, Finance & Tax Committee, Regulated Industries Committee, Judiciary Committee, Government Oversight & Productivity Committee, Congressional Reapportionment Committee, Joint Administrative Procedures Committee, Legislative Auditing Committee, Florida Space Authority Board of Supervisors, Space Florida Board of Directors, Florida Commercial Space Financing Corp. Board of Directors, Spaceport Florida (Director) Space Florida (Director), Brevard County Legislative Delegation (Chairman), Orange County Legislative Delegation (Chairman), Seminole County Legislative Delegation (Chairman), Indian River County Legislative Delegation (Vice Chairman) Florida 2006 Help America Vote Act State Plan Committee

State House Committees:
Government Operations (chairman), Joint Administrative Procedures Committee (Chairman), Procedural Council, Public Responsibility Council, Education Appropriations, Crime & Punishment, Transportation, Joint Select Committee on Collective Bargaining, Constitutional Transition Task Force, Blue Ribbon Commission on Education Governance, Spaceport Florida Authority, Orange County Legislative Delegation (Chairman), Brevard County Legislative Delegation (Chairman), Indian River County Legislative Delegation (Vice-Chairman)

Posey will be assigned Congressional committees if and when he is elected to Congress.


More background data


Friends of Bill Posey
2525 Aurora Rd, Suite 102
Melbourne, FL 32935


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