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This article is part of the Center for Media & Democracy's focus on the fallout of nuclear "spin."

The Center on International Cooperation (CIC) "at New York University works to enhance international responses to humanitarian crises and global security threats through applied research and direct engagement with multilateral institutions and the wider policy community. It has an international reputation for agenda-setting work on post-conflict peacebuilding, global peace operations, and UN reform.

"The Center on International Cooperation (CIC) at New York University reached its tenth anniversary in 2006 during a period of intense debate about the future of multilateral institutions. CIC’s research and policy-development programs help policy-makers develop strategies for managing emerging and recurrent threats and to identify opportunities for institutional reform." [1]

"CIC’s program of research on International Humanitarian Action examines the institutional architecture and resource base of the international humanitarian system, and tracks developments in policy and practice. Focusing on the evolving roles of the major humanitarian actors and institutions in a changing security context, CIC aims to provide a critical review of humanitarian policy and practice, and produce actionable policy recommendations that reflect the changing political realities. In this effort, CIC has entered into a formal research partnership with the Humanitarian Policy Group of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI)...

"Lead Researchers : Abby Stoddard (CIC Non-Resident Fellow) and Adele Harmer (Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI)." [2]


Accessed December 2007: [3]

Directors and Senior Fellows

  • Bruce Jones - Director and Senior Fellow
  • Shepard Forman - Director Emeritus and Senior Fellow
  • Barnett R. Rubin - Director of Studies, Senior Fellow, and Project Coordinator, Afghanistan Reconstruction Project
  • Christine Wing - Senior Fellow and Project Coordinator, Strengthening Multilateral Approaches to Nuclear and Biological Weapons

Program Staff

  • A. Sarjoh Bah - Research Associate and Program Coordinator, Global Peace Operations
  • Sara Batmanglich - Program Officer, Prevention Strategies
  • Catherine Bellamy - Program Coordinator, Prevention Strategies
  • Rahul Chandran - Research Associate and Program Coordinator, Peacebuilding as Statebuilding
  • Victoria DiDomenico - Project Officer, International Security Institutions
  • Richard Gowan - Research Associate and Associate Director for Policy
  • Andrew Hart - Special Assistant to the Director
  • Jake Sherman - Research Associate and Project Coordinator, Security Sector Reform
  • Fiona Simpson - Research Associate, Strengthening Multilateral Approaches to Nuclear and Biological Weapons
  • Gigja Sorensen - Program Officer, Peacebuilding as Statebuilding
  • Benjamin Tortolani - Research Associate, Global Peacekeeping Operations

Non-Resident Fellows

  • Alex Evans - Non-resident Fellow, Climate Change and Global Public Goods
  • Eric Rosand - Non-resident Fellow, The Evolution of Multilateral Security Institutions
  • Ian Johnstone - Non-resident Fellow, Global Peace Operations
  • Abby Stoddard - Non-resident Fellow, Humanitarian Action

Managing Global Insecurity: Advisors

"The Brookings Institution, Stanford University and the Center on International Cooperation are jointly undertaking a two-year project on Managing Global Insecurity: American leadership, international institutions, and the search for peace in the 21st Century." [4]

International Advisory Group [5]

U.S. Advisory Group



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