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Children Without Worms

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Children Without Worms "is a partnership between Johnson & Johnson and The Task Force for Global Health (formerly the Task Force for Child Survival and Development) that supports global efforts to reduce the burden of soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infections in children who are most severely infected or at high-risk of infection and have limited access to safe and effective treatment. Children Without Worms achieves its goal by working with national programs to leverage the donation of mebendazole from Johnson & Johnson to promote comprehensive and sustainable control of STH.

"Children Without Worms is housed at The Task Force for Global Health (formerly The Task Force for Child Survival and Development), an international public health organization based in Decatur, Georgia, USA, with over 20 years of experience managing public-private partnerships including drug donation programs. Technical and strategic advice is provided by an independent group of experts called the Mebendazole Advisory Committee." [1]

Mebendazole Advisory Committee

Accessed February 2010: [2]

"The Mebendazole Advisory Committee (MAC) is an independent group of experts with a wealth of experience in parasitology, epidemiology, child health, international public health, hygiene education, and environmental sanitation. The MAC advises Children Without Worms and Johnson & Johnson on strategic and technical components of the program, including safe and effective distribution of mebendazole, the selection of recipient countries, and strategies for achieving positive impact and promoting program sustainability.



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