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This is a profile of a former U.S. Representative. (See the Florida portal for all incumbents, candidates and blogs.)
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Dave Weldon served the 15th Congressional district of Florida from 1995-2008

David Joseph Weldon, M.D., a Republican, represented the 15th District of Florida in the United States House of Representatives from 1995-2008. (map)

Record and controversies

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Iraq War

Weldon voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 that started the Iraq War.[1]

For more information see the chart of U.S. House of Representatives votes on the Iraq War.

Environmental record

For more information on environmental legislation, see the Energy and Environment Policy Portal

Pays wife for campaign work

In October 2006, the Sunlight Foundation, a Washington-based non-profit organization which advocates better transparency in government, reported that Weldon’s campaign committee paid his wife $6,632 for work during 2005-2006. [1]


In January 2007, when Congress passed a continuing resolution to keep the federal government operating for the remainder of the 2007 fiscal year, Rep. Weldon criticized the measure, complaining that funding for NASA would be significantly below the levels requested by President Bush and initially approved by the House in 2006. Under the resolution, the 2007 NASA budget would be $16.2 billion, about the same as its 2006 budget. Weldon said this would likely delay a planned 2014 manned spaceship mission.

Main article: Continuing resolution of 2007


Weldon was born August 31, 1953 in Amityville, New York. In 1978, he earned his bachelor's degree in biochemistry at the State University of New York, and in 1981 earned his MD at the State University of New York, Buffalo School of Medicine.

Weldon served in the Army from 1981 to 1987 and the Army Reserve from 1987 until 1992.

Weldon was first elected to Congress in 1994.

Statement on mercury exposure Statement of U.S. Congressman Dave Weldon, MD, December 9, 2004:

As a practicing physician and a Member of Congress, I have been increasingly alarmed by mounting evidence over the past several years suggesting a relationship between mercury exposure in newborns and the rising epidemic of neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs), including Autism. Mercury is a known neurotoxin. It does not take a great leap of faith to believe that even low exposures to mercury at a critical stage of neurodevelopment could cause neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs).

A study released today conducted by Dr. Jill James demonstrates that children with regressive autism have a defect in the pathways used by the body to detoxify and excrete heavy metals such as mercury. Not only does her research help to explain why these children may be uniquely vulnerable to mercury-related injuries, but her research also provides avenues for the potential treatment of mercury-associated NDDs. This work by Dr. James is highlighted in a report issued today by the Environmental Working Group.

The work of Dr. James and others have continued with private support. Unfortunately, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has not yet dedicated funding to better understand and develop interventions for the epidemic of children suffering from NDDs, particularly those that may have resulted from mercury exposures from childhood vaccines.

When the Institute of Medicine at the National Academies (IOM) issued their May 2004 report denying any causal association between autism and mercury exposure from childhood vaccines, I responded by stating that their report was "premature, perhaps perilously reliant on epidemiology, based on preliminary incomplete information, and may ultimately be repudiated." Today's study, along with several other recently published scientific studies, demonstrate clearly that the IOM overstated their conclusions. Dr. James' work begins to identify a subgroup of children that may be highly vulnerable to certain levels of mercury previously thought safe for all children. None of the five epidemiology studies on which the IOM based their report would have detected this subgroup; they simply were not designed in such a manner to identify a genetically susceptible population.

Despite the IOM's recommendation to the contrary, I will do all I can to ensure that the public health community, including NIH and CDC, aggressively pursues research into ways we can identify and treat children that may be genetically vulnerable to mercury-induced neurological damage. It is my hope that Dr. James' research, along with the research of other scientists, will prevent future injuries. I will work in the 109th Congress to develop public health policies that help expedite this.[2]

2006 elections

In 2006, the Democrats nominated Bob Bowman to face Weldon in his November 2006 bid for reelection. (See U.S. congressional elections in 2006) [3] Weldon retained his seat.


Weldon announced on January 25, 2008 that he was retiring from Congress at the end of his term, citing a desire to return to his medical practice. The seven-term representative sat on the House Appropriations Committee and was the 22nd Republican incumbent to announce that they would not seek re-election in 2008.[2]

Democrat former Brevard County Commissioner Nancy Higgs was expected to enter the race for the seat within a week of the announcement. Possible Republican candidates included state Sens. Bill Posey and Mike Haridopolos. Additionally, Republican Alan Bergman and Democrat Steve Blythe had already signed up for the race.[2]

Money in politics

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Links to more campaign contribution information for Dave Weldon
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Fundraising profile: 2006 election cycle Career totals
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Top contributors by industry: 2006 election cycle Career totals

Committees and Affiliations

Committee assignments in the 110th Congress (2007-2008)

Committee assignments in the 109th Congress (2005-2006)

  • House Committee on Appropriations
    • Subcommittee on Labor Health and Human Services Education and Related Agencies
    • Subcommittee on Science State Justice and Commerce and Related Agencies

Caucuses and Coalitions

  • Adoption Caucus
  • Autism Caucus
  • Biotechnology Caucus
  • Cancer Caucus
  • Chair Co Founder, Congressional Aerospace Caucus
  • Congressional Boating Caucus
  • Congressional Family Caucus
  • Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus
  • Congressional Travel and Tourism Caucus
  • Libery Caucus
  • Medical Technology Caucus
  • Military Veterans Caucus
  • National Guard and Reserve Components Congressional Members Organization
  • National Security Caucus
  • Pro Life Caucus
  • Renewable Energy Caucus
  • Republican Study Committee
  • Tourism Caucus

Boards and other Affiliations

  • Co Founder, Space Coast Family Forum, 1989-1994
  • American Legion Post 163
  • Brevard County Medical Society
  • Brevard County Veterans Council
  • Member, Florida Medical Association
  • Good Samaritan Club
  • Former President, Hield Road Homeowners Association
  • Member, Veteran of Foreign Wars, Post 453A

More Background Data

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DC Office:
2347 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-0915
Phone: 202-225-3671
Fax: 202-225-3516
Web Email

District Office - Melbourne:
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Building C
Melbourne, FL 32940
Phone: 800-939-3515
Fax: 321-639-8595

Articles and resources



  • PBS.org - 'Online Focus: U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon' (interview re: stem cell research), Public Broadcasting Service (August 9, 2004)
  • SafeMinds.org (pdf) - 'Rep. Dave Weldon, M.D. Testimony Before the Institute of Medicine Immunization Safety Review Committee', Safe Minds (January 11, 2001)
  • NNDB.com - 'Dave Weldon, AKA David Joseph Weldon', Notable Names Database Weblog

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Current Office: U.S. House of Representatives
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110th Congress
Leadership Position:
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Ranking Member On:

Adoption Caucus, Autism Caucus, Biotechnology Caucus, Cancer Caucus, Chair Co Founder, Congressional Aerospace Caucus, Congressional Boating Caucus, Congressional Family Caucus, Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, Congressional Travel and Tourism Caucus,Liberty Caucus, Medical Technology Caucus, Military Veterans Caucus, National Guard and Reserve Components Congressional Members Organization, National Security Caucus, Pro Life Caucus, Renewable Energy Caucus, Republican Study Committee, Tourism Caucus
Committees: House Committee on Appropriations, House Committee on Appropriations/Subcommittee on State Foreign Opeartions and Related Programs, House Committee on Appropriations/Subcommittee on Labor Health and Human Services Education and Related Agencies
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November 8, 1994
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January 3, 1995
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January 3, 2009
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District Offices:
1. 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Building C Melbourne, FL 32940
Phone: 800-939-3515 / Fax: 321-639-8595

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Date of Birth: August 31, 1953

  1. Roll call vote, Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Jackie Kucinich and Aaron Blake, "Weldon will not seek reelection," The Hill, January 25, 2008.