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Mr. Dwight R. Lee served as "peer-review for a Tobacco Institute hogwash study: Science, Economics, and Environmental Policy: A Critical Examination.

Statement of Dr. Dwight R. Lee, Ramsay Professor of Private Institutions University of Georgia, USA, on January 13, 1986:

I appreciate the opportunity of appear here today. I appear on behalf of the Tobacco Institute. My name is Dwight R. Lee, and I currently hold the Ramsay Chair in Private Institutions in the Department of Economics at the University of Georgia. I have testified on public smoking issues in Nassau County, New York, and the State of Pennsylvania. My written testimony is too long to read, so with your permission, I should like to submit it for the record and to summarize my testimony in my remarks today. [1]

Articles by Mr. Lee about smoking

  • Dwight, R. Lee, "Government v. Coase: The Case of Smoking.", The Cato Journal, Spring 1991, 151-165.
  • Dwight, R. Lee, "Environmental Economics and the Social Cost of Smoking." Contemporary Policy Issues, January 1991, 83-91

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