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On February 4, 2008, President George W. Bush submitted (as is customary for a president to do so) a budget request to the U.S. Congress for fiscal year (FY) 2009. It would amount to $3.1 trillion in federal spending, and trim spending on several domestic programs while eliminating others. In addition, his proposal would make permanent the tax cuts passed during his first term and increase defense spending by 5 percent.[1]


Funding for the government is provided by Congress under Article I, Section 9, Clause 7 of the Constitution. This is the "purse strings power" and there are no exceptions to it. Absent appropriations made by law, no operations by the government may take place: government employees may not work without pay and those who would contract with the government may not "volunteer" their goods or services.

Funding for government employees salaries and wages(including the President) is provided in "one year" funds which expire at the end of a fiscal year. While Congress may pass "continuing resolutions" providing some interim funding where appropriations are not timely enacted, in the absence of such continuing resolutions no government employee may work.

Current status

FY 2009 Appropriations Bills [2]
Appropriations House Approvals Senate Approvals Conference Approvals Public Law
Committee Report Comm. Vote House Vote Committee Report Comm. Vote Senate Vote Conf. Report House Vote Senate Vote
Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance, and Continuing Appropriations Act, 2009

(Continuing Resolution through 3/6/09) H.R. 2638

Budget Resolution


H.Rept. 110-543 3/06/08 3/13/08 Vote Summary S.Cmte.Print 110-39 3/06/08 3/14/08 Vote Details H.Rept. 110-659 6/05/08 Vote Details 6/04/08 Vote Details President does not sign


S.Rept. 110-426 7/18/08
Commerce/ Justice/ Science


H.Rept. 110-240 6/25/08 S.Rept. 110-397 6/19/08
Energy & Water


6/25/08 S.Rept. 110-416 7/10/08
Financial Services


6/25/08 S.Rept. 110-417 7/10/08
Homeland Security


6/24/08 S.Rept. 110-396 6/19/08
Interior & Environment
Labor/ HHS/ Education


S.Rept. 110-410 6/26/08
Legislative Branch


H.Rept. 110-775 6/24/08 8/1/08
Rule 1384
S.Rept. 110-428 7/17/08
State/Foreign Operations


S.Rept.110-425 7/18/08


S.Rept. 110-418 7/10/08

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