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Foundation for Individual Rights in Education or FIRE is a group which claims to "defend and sustain individual rights at America's increasingly repressive and partisan colleges and universities." It is an advocate on such issues as "free speech" codes, religious liberty, due process for students, allocation of funding for student organizations, and defense against ideological indoctrination. FIRE is a major proponent of the intellectual diversity movement which aims to dismantle the so-called liberal bias in higher academia.

FIRE produces many Guides for students on their issues, including one on first-year orientation and "Thought Reform on Campus."

FIRE also has a legal network which connects students who feel their rights have been violated by faculty or administrators with attorneys specializing in FIRE's major talking points.

Thor Halvorssen "was the first Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of FIRE." [1]


"FIRE’s Guides to Student Rights on Campus are made possible by contributions from thousands of individual donors and by grants from:"

According to Media Transparency's profile, FIRE has also received grants from:

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