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Frank J. Ponzio, Jr. is a director of IREX and "is the founder of The People Technology Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting the development of information technology and study of software engineering to reduce the digital divide in the US and Eastern Europe. He is the president and founder of Symbolic Systems Inc., a software consulting company servicing a wide range of industries since 1968. Mr. Ponzio also serves as an adjunct professor in computer science at the graduate school of Monmouth University and speaks internationally about information technology at organizations including the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS). He serves on the advisory board for Stevens Institute of Technology and is a member of the board of directors for the Project for Ethnic Relations in Princeton, New Jersey." [1]

"Upon graduation from Notre Dame, Mr. Ponzio worked for United Aircraft, where he designed and developed guidance systems for ballistic missiles. He then worked for Singer Kearfott designing a secret guidance system for the U.S. Navy and testing ballistic missile systems at Cape Kennedy in Florida. ...

"In addition to designing software systems, Symbolic became a distributor for Digital Equipment Corporation’s computers. The company was recognized as Digital's oldest commercial OEM in the world....

"Mr. Ponzio is the founder of the People Technology Foundation USA, which does humanitarian work in former communist countries and in the U.S. and the Ponzio Foundation, Eastern Europe, which does charitable work particularly in Romania. The Ponzio Foundation has attracted the interest and the financial support of the Margaret Thatcher Foundation, which funds some of its work in Eastern Europe. ...

"Mr. Ponzio and the People Technology Foundation launched one of its most successful programs, Internet Without Borders, in 1999. Internet Without Borders is a unique initiative for addressing the Digital Divide that enables those who are not computer literate or do not have Internet access to benefit from the information on the Internet. To date, the program has worked with single mothers, senior citizens, and commercial fishermen. The program has attracted the attention of the White House and was featured at the 2000 Congressional Black Caucus Tech Fair. Mr. Ponzio received a grant from NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman in November 2000 to continue his efforts." [2]

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