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The Galen Institute describes itself as "a non-profit research organization devoted exclusively to health policy," which advocates for "individual freedom, consumer choice, and competition in the health sector." Among other approaches, the think tank advocates for health savings accounts. [1] It is an associate member of the State Policy Network.

The group's website lists as its core beliefs: [1]

  • "Consumers and their physicians should have authority and responsibility over their own health care decisions.
  • "A consumer-driven market will lower costs, promote innovation, expand choice, and increase access to better medical care.
  • "The vibrant free market will encourage research and innovation and provide better access to new medical technologies.
  • "Updating outmoded tax policy will facilitate greater access to more affordable health insurance."


Galen was founded in 1995 by Grace-Marie Turner. According to its website, Galen's "idea for a Prescription Drug Security Card for a Medicare prescription drug benefit was widely acknowledged as providing the central idea for the Temporary Drug Discount Card." In 2003, Galen established the Center for Consumer Driven Health Care. [1]


According to Galen's 2005 report to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS form 990), the organization had $695,022 in income and $607,615 in expenses that year. Turner's compensation for an estimated 60 hours per week of work at Galen was $180,000. [2]


From their website: [3]

From their 2005 IRS report: [2]

Contact info

Galen Institute
P.O. Box 19080
Alexandria, Virginia 22320


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