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Huntly Power Station is New Zealand's largest thermal power station which is owned and operated by Genesis Energy.

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The Huntly Power Station provides approximately 12% of New Zealand’s electricity generation.[1] The power station comprises four coal fired 250 megawatt generating units, a 400 megawatt high-efficiency combined cycle gas turbine unit and a 48 megawatt open cycle gas turbine.[2]

Coal Supply

Genesis Energy states that its total coal consumption in 2007 was 1.9 million tonnes.[3] Huntly Power Station sources the majority of its coal supplies from Solid Energy's nearby mines. In its 2007 annual report, Solid Energy states that it supplied 1.13 million tonnes to Genesis Energy for the power station, an increase of 181,000 tonnes on the previous year. In addition Solid Energy states that its "rail receival facility at Rotowaro handled 854,000 tonnes of Genesis’ Indonesian coal imports" which were either stockpiled or blended with our coals and delivered to Genesis’ conveyor system."[4]

In its annual report, Genesis Energy states that the company has "contracted the development of the 11 million tonnes Awaroa 4 mine. Imported supply extends from the coalfields of Kalimantan, Indonesia..."[4]

Project Details

Sponsor: Genesis Energy
Location: Huntly, Waikato, north island of New Zealand
Coordinates: -37.544067,175.149572
Type: four 250MW coal generating units, one 400 megawatt high-efficiency combined cycle gas unit and a 48 megawatt open cycle gas turbine
Status: Operating

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