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This is a profile of a U.S. Representative. (See the Maryland portal for all incumbents, candidates and blogs.)
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John Sarbanes currently serves the 3rd Congressional district of Maryland

John Sarbanes has been a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing the Third Congressional District of Maryland, since 2007. (map)

Record and controversies

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Iraq War

For more information see the chart of U.S. House of Representatives votes on the Iraq War.

Environmental record

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Congressman John Sabanes favors illegal immigrants being given a path to citizenship as opposed to criminalization. “The current system is a blueprint for exploitation of workers, both foreign-born and native, and is feeding a multimillion dollar illegal enterprise at the US-Mexico border. America deserves better. We must expand the channels for legal entry.”

“As a world leader, America ought to have a fair path to citizenship that honors our proud immigrant past and promotes our promising immigrant future. Immigration reform could and should create secure borders and employer accountability while preserving the openness of our democracy.”


The son of former Senator Paul Sarbanes, John was born and raised in Baltimore. He graduated from from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton in 1984 and Harvard Law in 1988. He clerked for judge J. Frederick Motz on the federal district court before entering into private practice. He served on the Health Care Pactice at Venable for sixteen years, six of them as chair, representing non-profit hospitals and senior living providers. He now lives in the towson area with his wife, Dina, and three children, who attend baltimore county public schools. He attends the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation in Baltimore, where he has gone since childhood, and is also active at the Bolton Street Synagogue.

Congressional career

2006 election

In the 2006 congressional elections, Sarbanes defeated Republican John White to replace Rep. Ben Cardin, who successfully ran for U.S. Senate. Sarbanes decided to seek the Democratic nomination for the third congressional district of Maryland after incumbent Ben Cardin decided not to run for reelection, opting to instead run for the Senate seat of John Sarbanes’ father, Paul Sarbanes who was retiring that year. Sarbanes won the Democratic nomination by defeating State Senator Paula Hollinger and Peter Beilenson with 31.9% of the vote. During the general election, Sarbanes ran against Republican nominee John White and Libertarian Charles Curtis McPeek. Sarbanes won in a landslide, with 64% of the vote. White got 34% and McPeek got 2%. This was the expected outcome, as Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District has elected a Democrat to office in every election since 1927. The 3rd District has served as a springboard for many young politicians, being the former seat of Barbara Mikulsky, Maryland’s current Senior Senator, Ben Cardin, current Maryland Junior Senator, and Sarbanes’ father, Paul Sarbanes, retired Maryland Senator.

Money in politics

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Committees and Affiliations

110th Congress


  • Democratic Caucus
  • Armenian Caucus
  • Pakistan Caucus
  • House Chesapeake Bay Watershed Task Force
  • House Congressional Hellenic Caucus
  • Joint Congressional Human Rights Caucus


  • Board Member, Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, 1989-present
  • Board Member, Public Justice Center, 1990-2006
  • President, Public Justice Center, 1994-1997
  • Board Member/Former Chair of Membership Committee, Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies.

More Background Data


Washington DC Office:
426 Cannon HOB
Washington DC 20515
phone: (202) 225-4016
fax: (202) 225-9219
Web Email

Annapolis Office:
Arundel Center
44 Calvert Street
Suite 349
Annapolis, MD 21401

Towson Office:
600 Baltimore Avenue
Suite 303
Towson MD 21204
Phone: (410) 832-8890
Fax: (410) 832-8898

Articles and Resources


Local blogs and discussion sites


Corresponding article on Wikipedia and Cause Caller. (If Cause Caller link does not work, pick from its list of senators and representatives.)

Current Office: U.S. House of Representatives
111th Congress
Leadership Position:
Committees Chaired:
Ranking Member On:

110th Congress
Leadership Position:
Committees Chaired:
Ranking Member On:

Democratic Caucus,Armenian Caucus,Pakistan Caucus,House Chesapeake Bay Watershed Task Force, House Congressional Hellenic Caucus,Joint Congressional Human Rights Caucus
Committees: House Committee on Education and Labor, House Committee on Education and Labor/Subcommittee on Early Childhood Elementary and Secondary Education, House Committee on Education and Labor/Subcommittee on Healthy Families and Communities, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform/Subcommittee on Federal Workforce Post Office and the District of Columbia, House Committee on Natural Resources, House Committee on Natural Resources/Subcommittee on National Parks Forests and Public Lands,
Congressional Career
First Elected to Current Office:
November 7, 2006
First Took Current Office:
January 4, 2007
Next Election:
November 2, 2010
Term Ends:
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None or Not Available,
Other Party Membership:
District Offices:
1. Arundel Center, 44 Calvert Street, Suite 349, Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: / Fax:
2. 600 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 303, Towson MD 21204
Phone: 410-832-8890 / Fax: 410-832-8898

Campaign Contact:

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Zip Code Affiliations:

Date of Birth: May 22, 1962