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Liggett & Myers Inc. (Pioneer in the generic cigarette business): Cigarette manufacturer; Pioneer in the generic cigarette business; L&M is the manufacturer of Chesterfield, Decade, Dorado, Duke of Durham in 1958, Eagle, Eve, L&M, Lark, Pyramid and Stride cigarettes


The abbreviation for Liggett & Myers Inc. is L&M. and is located in Durham, NC. A Delaware corporation whose principal place of business if located at Main & Fuller Streets, Durham, NC 27702 (D.B., complaint 4/94). Agent for service of process is The Corporation Service Company, 1013 Center Road, Wilmington, DC 19805 (D.B., complaint 4/94). Liggett Myers Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary division of Liggett Group Inc. (D.B. complaint 4/94). L&M owns tobacco factory in Durham, NC (WSJ 4/14/94). Liggett and Myers produced a cigarette brand called Duke of Durham in 1958 that was lower in tar and nicotine than Kent (L. White, Merchants 1988). Liggett was the pioneer in the generic cigarette market in the early 1900s and its sales cut into the RJRT and BWT brands. RJRT and BWT fought back by cutting prices on certain brands and selling the as branded generics. Liggett could not compete (L. White, Merchants 1988). Liggett began making generic cigarettes in the early 1980s through a separate company named Gary Tobacco Company, but reverted to the Liggett name by 1992 (W-SJ 2/17/92). Liggett & Myers had diversified heavily in the 1970s and taken over Alpo Pet Food (L, White, Merchants 1988)./ Liggett & Myers became known as the Liggett Group in 1973 (L. White, Merchants 1988). The Liggett Group was then taken over by a British conglomerate called Grand Metropolitan PLC in 1980 (L. White, Merchants 1988). Grand Metropolitan PLC was the parent of The Liggett Group and Liggett & Myers Inc. from 1980 to 1986 (E. Whelan 1984). The Liggett Group was sold by Grand Metropolitan PLC to investors Robert E. Gillis and Bennett S. LeBow in 1986. Grandmet kept Alpo (L. White, Merchants 1988). Attorneys for Liggett in Castano case: Local counsel John J. Weigel, Joseph J. Lowenthal, and Madeleine Fischer of Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevant, Carrere & Denegre, New Orleans, LA. National counsel was Mudge, Rose, Guthrie, Alexander & Ferdon. L&M is the manufacturer of Chesterfield, Decade, Dorado, Duke of Durham in 1958, Eagle, Eve, L&M, Lark, Pyramid and Stride cigarettes (Allman Complaint).

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