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The following list of citizen journalism websites illustrates some of the efforts underway to develop new forms of inclusive, participatory journalism. Sites which are intended as complements or supplements to the development of stories, and not as publication sites, are in italics.


Websites specifically developed for the building of a global reporter base.


  • Mynews Armenian citizen journalism site (Your space in Public Reporting)
  • iRegion Site of citizen journalists from Armenian regions
  • InfoVillage Site of citizen journalists from Armenian regions


  • NoFibs Former Fairfax political journalist Margo Kingston's Citizen Jornalism site on Australian politics and issues
  • Typeboard Open Community journalism website using GeoMaps. Based in Australia


  • Het Belang van uw Gemeente - Citizen Driven Journalism in 48 communities, powered by Het Belang van Limburg / Concentra. Example is for Hasselt, capital of the province



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