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Peter N Lee, (aka Peter NC Lee and PN Lee in tobacco documents) was officially an independent statistical consultants from Sutton in the UK However he was also one of the main statisticians and study critics working for the UK tobacco industry (both as an employee and as a consultant). He worked independently Peter N Lee Statistics (aka P.N. lee Statistical and Computing Ltd) and also through the Harrowgate Laboratory which was run by the Tobacco Research Council in Britain.

His main job was to criticise adverse findings in other people's studies (those finding health problems from smoking). His main problem was that his criticism were sometimes relatively honest -- in fact, Lee was occasionally honest to the point where it got him into trouble with the US industry. The Americans were much more sensitive to such exposure.

However he worked extensively for, and in the pay of the tobacco industry for decades, and he worked closely with Professor Roger Perry, George Leslie and other cash-for-comment scientists in the UK. He was also a member of their pseudo-association, ARIA and he appears to have enjoyed luxury travel to exotic locations to speak at esoteric conferences and cavort with other cash-for-comment scientists.