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The Telecommunications and Intellectual Property Legislation Portal

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This telecom, media and intellectual property portal links to the articles on Congresspedia that cover the congressional and public policy aspects of telecom, media and technology regulation. This portal is a joint project of the of the Center for Public Integrity's Well Connected Project and the Center for Media and Democracy. These include all articles on copyright and trademark law, Internet policy, telecommunications and wireless companies, the regulation of media companies and funding for public broadcasting. For related SourceWatch articles, see the categories for Telecommunications, Media, Television, Newspapers, Movies, Fake News and Internet.

Part of the WellConnected on SourceWatch Project

Wellconnected logo.png This portal and many of the related articles were created and are being expanded in conjunction with the Center for Public Integrity's Well Connected reporting project, its Media Tracker, which enables anyone to find out who own the media and communications companies serving your city and ZIP Code, and its Telecom Watch Blog

Telecommunications and Intellectual Property Legislation news

  • September 12, 2006: Sen. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) introduced the Copyright Modernization Act of 2006, (H.R. 6052), which addressed the issue of orphan works. The bill received a mixed reception from Public Knowledge, which supports the liberalization of copyright policy. Full article

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Telecommunications and Intellectual Property Legislation topics

Orphan works legislation | Network neutrality legislation | Broadband penetration policy | Digital Rights Management policy | Digital copyright policy | Spectrum politics | Digital TV policy | Media ownership regulation | Indecency and child-friendly content regulation | Universal service policy | Spam regulation | Government policy on privacy

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