Rajpura Thermal Power Project

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Rajpura Thermal Power Project (Nalash) is a 1400 megawatt (2x700 MW) coal-fired power plant under construction in Punjab, India.


The map below shows the construction site in Nalash (also spelled Nalas), 4 km northwest of Rajpura in Patiala district, Punjab. (Note: L&T is the parent company of Nabha Power Limited)

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Nabha Power has also signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the Punjab government to expand the plant with an additional 700 MW to a total of 2100 MW. At first, Nabha proposed a 1320 MW (2x660 MW) plant, but received an environmental clearance from the MoEF dated November 15, 2010 to construct instead 1400 MW (2x700 MW).[1] The sponsor of the plant is the Punjab State Power Corporation, which has established Nabha Power as a special purpose vehicle for the project.[2] Nabha Power was transferred to L&T Power Development as its wholly owned subsidiary on January, 18 2010.[3] The plant is under construction at the village of Nalash near Rajpura in Patiala district, Punjab, India.[4]

Plant Opposition

Unemployed villagers living near the Rajpura plant, many of whom were former farmers, conducted a dharna (peaceful protest or demonstration) outside the plant. Rajinder Singh, a local, said the government "forcefully purchased our land at a very low price”. Others claimed the government "promised to employ maximum number of people from surrounding villages", only to hire 100 people from local villages and bring in other workers from out of state. The government bought 1,078 acres of fertile land from area villagers to construct the plant, and farmers remain unemployed more than a year after construction started. Another local said “the government had made tall claims of project making our lives better, whereas we have become redundant without any sound livelihood”. Nabha Power Limited has said it will hire more people from surrounding villages.[5]

Project Details

Sponsor: Punjab State Power Corporation
Location: Nalash (also spelled Nalas) near Rajpura in Patiala ditrict, Punjab, India
Coordinates: 30.560556, 76.572500
(construction site, 4 km northwest of Rajpura
Status: Construction (1400 MW); Proposed (700 MW expansion)[6]
Nameplate capacity: Unit 1: 700 MW, Unit 2: 700MW, Unit 3: 700 MW [7][8]
Projected in service: January 2014 (1400 MW)[7]
Coal Type:
Coal Source:
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:

Project Clearances

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