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Robert B. Ekelund Jr., (1940-) and Mark Thornton, both Auburn University professors, served on a Tobacco Institute hogwash study as "peer-review": Science, Economics, and Environmental Policy: A Critical Examination

"Advertising presents a difficult logical paradox to those who hold the view that there are differences between markets for legal products and markets for ideas. There is no validity to the notion that consumers can properly evaluate proposed national policies when selecting officeholders but are. somehow unable to choose between cans of beans or to decide whether to smoke cigarettes or not." [1] -- Ekelund

"Consulting economists have identified an opportunity to present earmarking arguments during the Southwest Social Science Association meeting in Fort Worth, TX, early next year. Robert Ekelund will chair the session, "The Political Economy of Tax Earmarking." The papers, to be presented by Tollison, Wagner and Lee, will consist of chapters from the upcoming user fees/earmarking book." [2] - Tobacco Institute Confidential Memo online, page 20.

"Two papers, one by Professor J.J. Boddewyn and another by Professors Ekelund and Jackson are now being printed in the British Journal of Addiction. The papers rebut a New Zealand study by Chettwynd et. al., alleging that advertising influence young people's smoking. Also to be included is an article by Glen Smith of the Children's Research Unit. The rebuttals will appear in the Fall issue, expected in December." [3] - Tobacco Institute Confidential Memo online, page 14.

Robert Ekelund and Mark Thornton, Auburn University

Punitive Taxes on Cigarettes Are Both Ineffective, Unfair
by Robert Ekelund and Mark Thornton. [4] News Op/Ed

Cigarette Tax Is Based on Shaky Numbers
by Robert Ekelund and Mark Thornton. [5] News Op/ed, 1993 before report.

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