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With a population of over 91 million people, West Bengal would be the thirteenth most populous in the world if it were an independent country.[1] Coal has been mined since the late 18th century in the Raniganj Coalfield, India's second largest with estimated reserves of 29.72 billion tonnes. In 1973 numerous privately operated mines were consolidated into Eastern Coalfields Limited, a subsidiary of Coal India.[2] As shown in the table and map below, at least 20 new coal plants have been proposed for the state.

Proposed coal plants (table)

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Plant Company MW Annual CO2 (tons) Type Status Year
Adra Purulia power station NTPC and Indian Railways 1320 7,806,085 Cancelled
Bakreswar Thermal Power Station Unit 6 West Bengal Power Development Corp. 660 3,903,043 Planning
Balagarh power station CESC 1320 7,806,085 Supercritical Planning
Bankura Concast power station Concast Bengal Industries 20.5 121,231 Planning
Bhushan Steel West Bengal project Bhushan Steel 1000 5,913,701 Deferred
Durgapur Projects Limited power station unit 8 Durgapur Projects Limited 250 1,478,425 Construction 2014
Durgapur Steel City power station Damodar Valley Corporation 1000 5,913,701 Newly commissioned 2011-2012
Farakka III power station (Unit 6) NTPC 500 2,956,850 Newly commissioned 2011
Haldia Energy power station Phase 1 CESC 600 3,548,220 Construction 2014
Haldia Energy power station phase 2 CESC 1400 8,279,181 Planning
Katwa Super Thermal Power Project (NTPC) NTPC 1600 9,461,921 Deferred
Larsen & Tubro power station Larsen & Tubro 3200 18,923,843 Planning
Mejia power station phase II units 1 and 2 Damodar Valley Corporation 1000 5,913,701 Newly commissioned 2010-2011
Raghunathpur Thermal Power Station phase I Damodar Valley Corporation 1200 7,096,441 Subcritical Construction 2013
Raghunathpur Thermal Power Station phase II Damodar Valley Corporation 1320 7,806,085 Supercritical Planning
Sagardighi Thermal Power Station Phase II West Bengal Power Development Corp. 1000 5,913,701 Subcritical Construction 2014
Salboni 1 (CPP-IV) JSW Bengal Steel 300 1,774,110 Construction 2014
Salboni 2 and 3 JSW Energy 1320 7,806,085 Supercritical Advanced development 2016-2017
Santaldih Thermal Power Station unit 6 NTPC 250 1,478,425 Subcritical Newly commissioned 2011
Santildih Thermal Power Station units 7 and 8 NTPC 1320 7,806,085 Supercritical Cancelled

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Map: Proposed new coal plants in West Bengal

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Map: Transportation infrastructure

Coal is exported from West Bengal through Haldia Port, shown on the map below.

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