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Charlie Wilson previously served the 6th Congressional district of Ohio

Charlie Wilson, a Democrat, is a former U.S. Representative for the 6th Congressional district of Ohio, having served 2007 to 2011.[1]

Record and controversies

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Enviornmental issues

Mr. Wilson has not taken a firm stance on enviornmental issues but rather a moderate conservative stance. "In 2003 Ohio League of Conservation Voters gave Representative Wilson a rating of 0" but one year later "Representative Wilson supported the interests of the Ohio League of Conservation Voters 80 percent in 2004" [1]. He "Voted YES on $9.7B for Amtrak improvements and operation thru 2013". (Jun 2008) and in addition, he vied for Inter-state compact for Great Lakes water resources(Jul 2008), Strengthen prohibitions against animal fighting (Jan 2007). [2].


Mr. Wilson has taken a very conservative stance on abortion but has avoided voting on any bills or releasing many statements in regard to abortion. He received a grade of 0 from NARAL Pro-Choice America in 2007 and "Representative Wilson supported the interests of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association 0 percent in 2005-2006" [3]. His stance on abortion signifies his position as a moderate democrat.

Civil liberties and rights

Mr. Wilson has worked for the rights of women in a large way. He voted yes for the Unequal Pay Bill which helped give women more equal pay in the work place [4]. Mr. Wilson also "Re-introduce the Equal Rights Amendment" [5]. Although he has been strong on equal rights he has lacked the support for human rights, receiving only a grade of 55 in 07-08 Human Rights Campaign. Through Civil rights we see Mr. Wilson's democratic side showing through his moderateness.


Wilson was born in 1943 in Bridgeport, Ohio. He graduated from Ohio University and the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. He is the owner of both Wilson Funeral and Furniture Company and Wilson Realty Company. He has four sons and eight grandchildren. [6]

In 1996, Wilson was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives. In 2004, he was elected to the State Senate.[7]

2006 elections

Ohio State Law requires that a candidate for Congress submit 50 valid signatures from constituents in his district to qualify for a place on the primary ballot. When Wilson's signatures were verified by the Columbiana County Board of Elections, he was found to have insufficient verifiable signatures. As such, during the Democratic Primary Election in Ohio on May 2, 2006, Charlie Wilson's name did not appear on the ballot.[8]

Wilson's campaign launched a massive write in campaign, aided by the national party and organized. The movement was successful, with Wilson winning 66.75% of the Democratic primary vote. [9]

In the general election, Wilson defeated Republican Chuck Blasdell to replace Rep. Ted Strickland (D-Ohio), who ran for governor.

2010 elections

In 2010, Wilson lost his House seat to Republican Bill Johnson.[1]

Money in politics

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