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European Secure Vehicle Alliance APG

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The European Secure Vehicle Alliance Group exists 'to reduce vehicle related crime, fraud and disorder'


European Secure Vehicle Alliance acts as the group's secretariat.(ESVA is a non-profit making company limited by guarantee which aims to reduce vehicle crime and fraud).

  • £5,500 from Direct Line;
  • £1,400 from TRACKER Network (UK) Ltd;
  • £1,400 from BSM;
  • £3,500 from Berkshire Learning and Skills Council;
  • £813 from Chilterns University College;
  • £813 from Crime Concern (registered January 2003).
  • £1,400 from Halfords Ltd;
  • £800 from Government Office for the West Midlands;
  • £3,000 from Direct Line Insurance;
  • £8,750 from Berkshire Learning and Skills Council;
  • £1,400 from National Car Parks;
  • £700 from Datadot Technology Ltd;
  • £700 from TRACKER Network (UK) Ltd;
  • £700 from Appian Technology (registered June 2003).


Mr Vivian Nicholas, Executive Director, European Secure Vehicle Alliance

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