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Gallaher Limited/Gallaher Tobacco Limited (Irish tobacco co controlled by American Brands): Sells Benson & Hedges, Silk Cured and Berkeley cigarettes in the U.K. in 1991


Gallaher was an Irish tobacco company which manufactured cigarettes (D. Purser 4/30/94). Gallaher is a unit of America Brands of the United States circa 1994 (Reuters 5/13/94). Gallaher Limited was a subsidiary of American Brands in 1984 (E. Whelan 1984). Gallaher Limited has been controlled by American Brands Inc. since 1975 (J. Slade statement 3/25/94). In 1990, Rothmans International bought Theodorus Niemeyer, a Dutch producer of pipe and rolling tobacco, from Gallaher (Fin. Times 7/3/90). Gallahers belongs to the trade association Tobacco Manufacturers Association (TMA) (Reuters 5/13/94). American Brands Inc. owns Gallaher Limited through which it markets tobacco products primarily in the United Kingdom circa 5/94. (Nast SFI 5/94). Gallaher Tobacco Ltd. a unit/subsidiary of American Brands in 1994 (Reuters 5/13/94' Value Line 5/20/94). Gallaher Limited obtained patent #4,236,532 in 1980 regarding adding nicotine to cigarette paper (J. Slade statement 3/25/94). Gallagher dominates the British cigarette market with 41.8% of all sales in 1991 (London Sun Times 11/24/91). Gallagher sells Benson & Hedges, Silk Cured and Berkeley cigarettes in the U.K. in 1991 (London Sun, Times 11/24/91).

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