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Mansoor Ijaz: External Links/Articles By Ijaz

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This article is part of the Center for Media & Democracy's focus on the fallout of nuclear "spin."

The following are external links related to articles by Mansoor Ijaz.

Transcripts, Interviews, Articles & Commentary with/by Mansoor Ijaz


Undated Material




  • "Pakistan's Uncertain Future," PBS Online NewsHour, October 13, 1999.
  • "Pakistan After Coup," PBS Online NewsHour, October 19, 1999.
  • Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, November 2, 1999: "Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs held hearings to examine the incidence of terrorism in the Middle East and South Asia, focusing on how to combat the growing problem of extremism and its by-product, terrorism, receiving testimony from Michael A. Sheehan, Ambassador at Large and Coordinator for Counterterrorism, Department of State; Mansoor Ijaz, Crescent Equity Partners, New York, New York; Milton Beardon, former CIA Chief in Sudan and Pakistan, Reston, Virginia; and Frederick Starr, Johns Hopkins University Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, and Michael Krepon, Henry L. Stimson Center, both of Washington, D.C. Hearings recessed subject to call."
  • "Indian Airlines Hijacking," PBS Online NewsHour, December 28, 1999. Host Margaret Warner.








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