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Margery Kraus is president and chief executive officer of APCO Worldwide which she founded in 1984.

According to the biographical note on the company website "Kraus specializes in providing strategic counsel on issue-based communications, crisis management, market entry and corporate reputation across diverse industry sectors. The range of her experience is reflected in APCO's industry practice groups, which include aviation and aerospace, education, energy, environment, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and transportation."

"Prior to joining APCO, Ms. Kraus assisted in the creation and development of the Close Up Foundation, a multi-million dollar educational foundation sponsored in part by the United States Congress. Ms. Kraus continues to be involved with the foundation by serving on its Board," the website states.

The website also states that she is "active on other institutional and corporate Boards and committees, including Group Menatep (chair, Advisory Board), the largest Russian holding company; Teuza Fund, a Fairchild technology venture (Israel); the Policy Owner Review Committee (chair) for Northwestern Mutual Financial Network; Governmental Relations Committee (chair) of the Council of PR Firms; Public Affairs Council; Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation; International Management and Development Institute; Institute for Public Relations; The Creative Coalition and the Meridian International Center. Ms. Kraus previously served on and chaired the Board of Directors of the Research Institute of the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C."

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