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Mediaite is an online news, commentary and blog hub created by Dan Abrams, formerly an MSNBC legal analyst. The site launched on Monday, July 6, 2009[1]


According to the site's About page, "Mediaite is the site for news, information and smart opinions about print, online and broadcast media, offering original and immediate assessments of the latest news as it breaks [emphasis theirs]."[1]


A unique feature of Mediaite is the site's “Power Grid,” which purports to objectively rank media professionals in different categories (such as "TV,"[2] "Online,"[3] and "Print"[4] ) based on their "real-time relevance." The Power Grid rankings come from "metrics," including print circulation and number of Twitter followers.[5] A Washington Post column reviewing Mediaite explained the ranking system as, “The rankings are not a journalistic assessment, but rely heavily on online buzz. The TV hosts and anchors are graded on their number of viewers, Google hits and Twitter followers.”[2]


Publisher: Dan Abrams

Managing Editor: Colby Hall

Editor at Large: Rachel Sklar

Senior Editor: Glynnis MacNicol

TV Editor: Steve Krakauer

Contributing Editor: Andrew Cedotal

Interns: Robert Quigley, Zeke Turner, Arielle Zuckerberg

Business Model

Mediaite’s business model was not clear at the time of its launch, but financing was assumed to be done out of Abrams's pocket. [3]

In his blog on Huffington Post, Abrams said he would aim for "integrated sponsorships, innovative ads, an interactive job board and events and conferences."[4]

HBO was the sponsor of the Mediaite launch.[5]

Conflict of Interests?

According to Washington Post columnist Howard Kurtz, Abrams launched a media strategy firm in November 2008, reported to consult Fortune 1,000 corporations, chief executives, financial services concerns and public relations outfits. Abrams has denied that the people generating content for Mediaite will have any conflicts of interest in their reporting or commentary but some remain skeptical. [6]

In a blog on the Huffington post introducing Mediaite, Abrams asserted his role as publisher and not as an editor or content generator. Said Abrams, “I will continue to help guide and manage the business side of the site, but the editorial decisions will be left entirely to the editorial staff. Why would I give up the opportunity to edit my own site? There are a number of reasons. Most important, however, I want this site to be viewed as objective - tough and opinionated - but not the Dan Abrams Post. I have strong feelings about many in media and will write opinion columns for the site but the editorial team will determine the editorial content.” [7]



485 Broadway, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10013

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