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Sam Graves

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This is a profile of a U.S. Representative. (See the Missouri portal for all incumbents, candidates and blogs.)
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Sam Graves currently serves the 6th Congressional district of Missouri

Samuel Graves has been a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing Missouri's 6th Congressional district, since 2001. (map)

Record and controversies

General information about important bills and votes for can be found in Congresspedia's articles on legislation. You can add information you find on how Sam Graves voted by clicking the "[edit]" link to the right and typing it in. Remember to cite your sources!

Iraq War

For more information see the chart of U.S. House of Representatives votes on the Iraq War.

Graves voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 that started the Iraq War.[1]

Environmental record

For more information on environmental legislation, see the Energy and Environment Policy Portal

Air travel restrictions

On May 2 2007, the House voted by voice vote on H.R.363 to remove airplane travel restrictions. The measure was sponsored by Rep. Graves and Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.). The new rules allow members to fly in a friend's airplane for free. The rules change also provides that members who are certified pilots may again fly their own aircraft.

Main article: U.S. federal ethics, transparency, and campaign finance legislation, 110th Congress


Graves was born November 7, 1963, in Tarkio, Missouri. He graduated from the University of Missouri and was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives in 1992, and to the Missouri State Senate in 1994.

Congressional career

In 2000, Congresswoman Pat Danner suddenly retired due to breast cancer. Graves decided to run for her seat, facing Congresswoman Danner's son, Steve Danner, a fellow state lawmaker, in the general election. Graves referred to Danner as a "tax and spend Liberal" and won the race with 51% of the vote [1]. Graves easily won re-election in 2002 [2] and 2004 [3].

Because Missouri's 6th District has changed between Democratic and Republican control several times, elections in the district tend to be closely contested. As a result, candidates in the district often receive large conributions from their national parties and party leaders. Graves received a total of $35,000 from former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's ARMPAC [4]. Grave's Democratic opponents have criticized him for this connection [5].

2006 elections

In 2006, the Democrats nominated Sara Jo Shettles to face Graves in his November 2006 bid for reelection. (See U.S. congressional elections in 2006) [6] Graves retained his seat.

Money in politics

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Links to more campaign contribution information for Sam Graves
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Committees and Affiliations


Committee assignments in the 109th Congress (2005-2006)

More Background Data

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DC Office:
1513 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-7041
Fax: 202-225-8221
sam.graves AT
Campaign website

District Office- Liberty:
113 Blue Jay Drive, Suite 100
Liberty, MO 64068
Phone: 816-792-3976
Fax: 816-792-0694

District Office- Saint Joseph:
201 South Eighth Street, Room 330
Saint Joseph, MO 64501
Phone: 816-233-9818
Fax: 816-233-9848

Articles and Resources

Local blogs and discussion sites

Corresponding article on Wikipedia and Cause Caller. (If Cause Caller link does not work, pick from its list of senators and representatives.)

Current Office: U.S. House of Representatives
111th Congress
Leadership Position:
Committees Chaired:
Ranking Member On:

110th Congress
Leadership Position:
Committees Chaired:
Ranking Member On:

Committees: House Committee on Appropriations, House Committee on Appropriations/Subcommittee on Agriculture Rural Development Food and Drug Administration and Related Agencies, House Committee on Appropriations/Subcommittee on Homeland Security, House Committee on Appropriations/Subcommittee on Military Construction Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies,
Congressional Career
First Elected to Current Office:
June 8, 1993
First Took Current Office:
January 3, 2001
Next Election:
November 2, 2010
Term Ends:
Freshman Member?
Previous Political Work?
California State Assembly, 1981-93,Monterey County Board of Supervisors, 1975-81,
Other Party Membership:
District Offices:
1. 113 Blue Jay Drive, Suite 100, Liberty, MO 64068
Phone: 816-792-3976 / Fax: 816-792-0694
2. 201 South Eighth Street, Room 330, Saint Joseph, MO 64501
Phone: 816-233-9818 / Fax: 816-233-9848

Campaign Contact:

Webform Email: / Email:

Campaign Offices:

Phone: / Fax:

Zip Code Affiliations:

Date of Birth: July 4, 1941

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