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Relocated from inapp article page --- I am a spouse of an employee at store #1964 and very upset with the treatment and care that your management takes towards there employees, I strongly disagree with management ordering there employees to open up there availability and stagering there hours of work, and also ordering them that if they don't open up that they will loose there benifits, is this how you people treat your employees that have dedicated there lives to wal mart? You even have a head CSM that when it get busy at the registers she hides in the back office, and since that store DOES NOT have a dept.50 there they more worry about employees having a smile on there face than catching someone stealing, No wonder these employees don't get there profit sharing, have you ever heard of a Blue Monday ie: "call out" it's that bad in that store Too cut to the chase why don't you send someone over there a have a chat with the employees and see for yourself how bad it is, it even hit the news papers down here


I have a petition at Petition Spot in the Economy and Business section called Buy in America/made in America.It is aimed at making Walmart and other large retailers sell American goods.Check it out.