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Alex Robson is an economist and climate change skeptic with close links to the Liberal Party in Australia. He currently works for Concept Economics, a right-wing economics consultancy based in Canberra [1]

Liberal Party Links

Robson is a Member of the Academic Advisory Board for the Menzies Research Centre, a think tank funded and run by Liberal Party. He has also previously worked as Senior Economic Adviser to Malcolm Turnbull, leader of the Liberal Party in Australia. [2]

Climate Change Denial

In May 2007 Robson and Sinclair Davidson challenged the view that the assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was sufficient to decide there was a need to make substantial cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. Claiming that there was a "lack of knowledge and understanding of climate change", they wrote that "it is not unreasonable for policy-makers to adopt a cautious approach to policy change. It is also not unreasonable for people to discount the hysterical commentary around climate change." [1]

Links to other right-wing groups

Robson is a former secretary of the Australian Libertarian Society, and won the Mont Pelerin Society Hayek Essay Competition in 2002. [3]

Robson has written articles for both the Institute for Public Affairs and the Centre for Independent Studies - Australia's two most prominent right-wing think tanks.

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  1. Sinclair Davidson and Alex Robson, "Hypothetical hysterics at 90 per cent", Geelong Advertiser, May 1, 2007.

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