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Barbara Amiel is a far-right columnist and socialite. She is the wife of Conrad Black, who was Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Operating Officer of Hollinger International Inc.. She also refers to herself as Lady Black of Crossharbour. Amiel, had been married three times previously. [1]

Amiel, has been accused of leading an spendthrift lifestyle. She once told Vogue magazine "my extravagance knows no bounds." [2] According to Hollinger documents, the personal expenses Lord Black and Barbara Amiel charged to the company ranged from the lease of a corporate jet at more than $3 million a year to $42,870 for a birthday party for Amiel at a New York restaurant, and $2,463 for her purchases of handbags. [3]

In April 2004, Amiel, exercised options over more than 269,000 shares in Hollinger International ahead of the firm announcing plans to suspend all stock option schemes. She stood to make a profit of almost $2.2m (£1.2m) from the sale of the shares at their current market price. [4]

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