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The Berkeley Earth Project, aka Berkeley Earth System Temperature (BEST), refers to a scientific team (Berkeley Earth) effort led by former global warming skeptic U.C. Berkeley physicist Richard Muller, and partly funded by longtime AGW denier interests like Koch, that aimed to reanalyze existing historic weather station data to determine whether in fact earth's temperature has been rising. In fall 2011 their reanalysis, in the form of draft papers and a FAQ[1], came up with the same overall result - yes, average temperature is rising - that previous groups' analyses had found.

Reactions from contrarians

AGW denier bloggers like Anthony Watts (a prominent blogger and TV weathercaster with no climate science background) who had initially said he'd accept the results the team came up with, have resisted accepting them.[1]

Berkeley Earth team member and co-author Judith Curry has come under criticism for making statements that would lead listeners to think the earth's warming has been slowing relative to its historic rate.[2]


"Funders include Bill Gates' Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research, the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, and, most notably, the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, which has spent enormous sums funding climate denial propaganda."[3]



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