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To borg is to completely absorb and integrate, or assimilate, with emotionless, dispassionate, callous, selfish disregard for the uniqueness or other important uses of the victim. [1]

The term, an abbreviation of "cyborg," was popularized on the "Star Trek" television series. A number of "Star Trek" episodes revolved around confrontations with "The Borg," a race of half-machine, half-biological beings bent on "assimilating" other races, cultures and technologies. When the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise refused to be "assimilated," the Borg would declare that "resistance is futile."

Some people see a borg-like pattern in the way capitalist economies assimilate healthy components of competition and unprotected public resources including communications airwaves (frequencies) and water supplies.

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  • "There was a time when I wouldn't hurt a fly. Then The Borg came and showed me that if there is one constant in the Universe, it's Death"--Soran "Star Trek:Generations"