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The Bruges Group is a euro-sceptic organisation connected to the Conservative Party. It claims to be "an independent all-party think tank."[1]


"The Bruges Group aims to bring together those from across Europe and North America who have an alternative concept to the Federalist model. So that Baroness Thatcher's vision of a freetrading, decentralised, deregulated and democratic Europe of nation-states is realised the Group believes that Federalism is an inappropriate structure for Europe, and that the tide of European integration must be turned," it states on its website.

"Fundamental reform is required of the Common Agricultural Policy, the Common Fisheries Policy, European Court and European Parliament is required in favour of national sovereignty. There has been no popular agreement to the huge transfer of power, which has already taken place from the people of Britain to Brussels. Membership of the Economic and Monetary Union must be ruled out. If such a re-negotiation is proved to be impossible, the Bruges Group advocates withdrawal from the European Union to prevent Britain's incorporation into a European Federal State," it argues.


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The Bruges Group
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