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The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network (CBC), a non-profit 501c3 "public benefit educational organization," was founded by Jennifer C. Lahl, CBC's executive director.


"Bringing People Together for a Human Future." [1]


"Through our educational resources, seminars and conferences, we aim to train and equip others to understand issues in bioethics in the 21st Century. Overall, our organization is characterized as a high-quality, professional and up-to-date organization, with a heart to meet the needs of those wishing to rightly understand the ethical decisions we all will face one day." [2]


Services & Resources

"The Center for Bioethics and Culture desires to partner with the local church to provide bioethical training, education and information that is customized to and delivered for the specific needs of each local church." [3]

Contact details

Bay Area

PO Box 20760
Oakland CA 94620
Telephone/Fax 510-594-9000


PO Box 6134
Chesterfield MO 63006
Telephone 636-207-7540

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