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The Center For Syncretic Studies is a neo-fascist think tank that "was founded in response to the changing landscape as described in our ‘2010 White Paper’ and the need for a cross-ideological and inter-disciplinary approach in analysis and policy recommendations for developing social movements." [1]

People [1]

  • Tesha Teshanovic, Interim Executive Board Chairman; responsible for a.) developing the scope of the center’s work with the Director, b.) selecting the Director pursuant to the by-laws of the Center
  • Joaquin Flores, Director, Chief Editor; charged with a.) charging the center’s staff and administration with their related duties b.) maintaining a public interface c.) fulfillment of basic organizational requirements d.). promoting the goals of the center e.) selecting relevant works for publication
  • James Porazzo, Political Adviser, US; charged with a.) advising the center on US political developments in cultural, popular, and electoral arenas b.) delivering recommendations on related research subjects c.) interpreting and analyzing policies, public issues, legislation, and/or the operations of governments, businesses, and organizations.
  • Jafe Arnold, Special Projects Director, Research fellow, Analyst, Liaison – Poland ; charged with a.) developing special projects connected to the work and scope of the Center, b.) conducting regular research and analysis, c.) maintaining the Poland-wide liaison bureau, d.) advising the center on Polish political developments in cultural, popular, and electoral arenas, e.) delivering recommendations on related research subjects.
  • Kristina Kharlova, Researcher and Translator, Russian Language; charged with a.) furnishing relevant Russian language news articles and research documents, b.) providing Russian-to-English translations of said articles and documents
  • Novak Drashkovic, Labor law Researcher, live interpreter for conferences and meetings.

[Vacancy] , Chief Illustrator & Researcher – Charged with a.) creating graphics and illustrations commensurate with the CSS brand, b.) interacting with artists and revising or working with revisions of graphical works created for the Center, c.) researching and creating briefs for special subjects as assigned and as needed.

  • Marija Katic, Legal Advisor, charged with a.) fulfillment of the center’s basic legal requirements with the state, b.) receive and respond to all queries and correspondences of a legal nature, c.) representing the center in all necessary legal proceedings

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  1. Center for Syncretic Studies Mission, organizational web page, accessed August 19, 2017.