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The Center for Vigilant Freedom, Inc. (CVF) was "started in late September 2006 with 28 members in the '910 Group,' [its] citizens' network." CVF states that it is a non-profit organization and has "applied for 501c3 tax exempt status."[1]

At the April 2007 UK and Scandinavia Counterjihad Summit held in Denmark, Baron Bodissey said in a speech that CVF is "a network of networks" and "exists to coordinate their communications with others and their actions on behalf of the Counterjihad.

"There is no chain of command — nor will there ever be — in Vigilant Freedom. No party line. No one in control of what happens. Our unity and mission arise from a common goal: to resist the Jihad in all its forms. Anything else is details."[2]

In December 2006, one member described[3] the 910 Group as a "self-selected group of people who share common goals: to oppose Islamic Fascism wherever it threatens us, and to promote the emergence of liberty in all the dark corners of the planet where ordinary people are degraded and oppressed."

Pro-troop surge in Iraq efforts

CVF is "supporting efforts by Move America Forward, Vets for Freedom, Gathering of Eagles and others ... to support US troops and promote the success of the surge strategy in preparation for Gen. Petraeus’ testimony" September 15, 2007. CVF is "establishing a list of bloggers at the state level who are interested in recieving email updates on major events happening in their area as part of the campaign."[4]

About CVF/910 Group


CVF's stated mission is "to protect liberty, counter sharia laws that oppose human rights, and defeat terrorist and extremist ideologies."[5]

Group name

The group was named 910 Group "for the day before September 11, thinking ahead of time, looking to the future."[6]

Initiated in a blog

According to a December 4, 2006, post by blogger KG[7] on A Western Heart Blogspot[8], the "910 Group was initiated in the comments on a Gates of Vienna post[9] by Baron Bodissey on September 26, 2006, which stated:

"Why not hybridize that meme with the Swiftvets initiative? The Swifties had an enormous impact without attracting any wealthy contributors.
"What if the blogosphere were to convince a few hundred thousand people to give $50, or $100, or $500 to a holding company established for the sole purpose of acquiring a controlling interest in a major organ of the liberal media?"
"I’ve said repeatedly that, if we want to win this war, we need to take back the culture. In order for that to happen, the organs of mass communication will have to change. The new media — of which this blog is a microscopic piece — will eventually supplant the old ones."


"Here in the 910 Group this force is symbolized by the Phoenix, reborn from the ashes of the World Trade Center in order to resist the onslaught of Islamofascism," Baron Bodissey wrote November 30, 2006.[10]


Membership is diverse, "ordinary people who are joining together to protect our laws, our democracies and our freedoms from radical Islamist ideologies," the Center's website states.[11]

However, to "be considered for membership" to the 910 Group, one must "send an email, including your background and what you can offer to the movement." For more details, see "The 910 Group Policy Statements".[12]


No information is provided as to the leadership of the 910 Group. However, Christine Brim's name has been found as a spokesperson for CVF.[13]

Contact information

The 910 Group
P.O. Box 2773
Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: 703 879-1784
FAX: 360 899-1784
E-mail: info AT
Web forum:

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