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The Co-operative Party is a political party in the United Kingdom. It is an electoral alliance with the Labour Party, and the two parties jointly endorse candidates at a number of elections. They were 'formed in 1917 to put co-operators into Parliament. It is the political arm of the British Co-operative Movement, and all its members must also be members of a bona fide Co-operative Society.' [1]


The Co-operative Party believes that people will achieve more by working together than they can by working alone. It believes that through increased co-operation, we will achieve a sustainable future for our economy and society as a whole.

It supports efforts to bring about the empowerment of individuals and communities, through co-operative self-help initiatives.

It works to promote co-operative and mutual forms of economic, social and voluntary organisation, which are based on the principles of mutual ownership and democratic control.

The Co-operative Party stands for:

  • Enterprise: a sustainable economy and society
  • Empowerment: a culture of citizenship
  • Accountability: socially responsible business

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