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Craig T. Smith is a is a Principal of Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates, a Washington, D.C. market research firm. [1]


A biographical note states that Smith worked as "Assistant to President Clinton and White House Political Director, coordinating the political activities of the President and the First Lady ... Mr. Smith had previously served as Deputy Director of White House Personnel, where he developed and oversaw employment placement programs for political appointees, specifically “Schedule C” appointees and Ambassadors, ultimately resulting in the appointment of over 500 government officials. He later served as Deputy White House Political Director, coordinating state-by-state political activities. Mr. Smith also served as Co-Executive Director of the 53rd Presidential Inaugural, where he was responsible for a staff of 500, a budget of $30 million and the execution of 20 events attended by over 400,000 people. This activity was accomplished from start to finish in a 75-day window."[2]

Smith "served as the Campaign Director and Senior Advisor for the Lieberman for President Campaign. Additionally, Mr. Smith served as Finance Director of the Clinton for President Exploratory Committee in 1991, Field Director of the 1992 Clinton-Gore campaign, Political Director of the Democratic National Committee in 1993-94 and Political Director of the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign, Campaign Manager of Gore 2000 and Vice President of Additionally, Mr. Smith served as a spokesperson for these organizations, giving over 200 presentations and speeches. Mr. Smith began his service to President Clinton in the Arkansas Governor's Office, as Secretary of Appointments to Boards and Commissions. During this time, Mr. Smith also served as liaison to the Arkansas State Senate, and to various national political organizations, including the Democratic Leadership Council. Prior to that time, Mr. Smith's service to the State of Arkansas began as Executive Director of “Jobs for Arkansas' Future,” a public-private economic development partnership. This commission's executive report recommended numerous legislative or policy changes, of which 90% were implemented."[2]

"Craig has been directly involved in political campaigns across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean," his biographical note states.[1]

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