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DP World (Dubai Ports World; Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation), which is wholly owned by the Dubai government, "owns, operates and manages container terminals and other port infrastructure around the world," primarily in the Middle East and South Asia. "The company took its current name late in 2005 when the Dubai government merged DPI Terminals with the Dubai Ports Authority." [1][2]

DP World is the "Dubai firm that won Bush administration backing to run six U.S. ports." DP World gained the administration's "blessing" of its purchase of P&O (Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation), "which currently runs those ports," and "sparked a firestorm of opposition on Capitol Hill." [3][4]


"In January 2005 DPI transformed its network with the strategic acquisition of CSX World Terminals (CSX WT), the international terminal business of CSX Corporation, renaming itself DP World to reflect the change. This acquisition gave DPI a strong presence in Asia with major operations in Hong Kong and China as well as operations in Australia, Germany, Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Importantly for the future development and expansion of its network, DPI also acquired CSX WT’s strong project pipeline." [5]

DP World is "a leading global port operator with a portfolio of operations in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East" with "company has 22 container terminals in 15 countries," according to the company's website.

"DP World is the result of the integration of Dubai Ports Authority ('DPA') and DPI Terminals ('DPI') in September 2005. This new entity continues the tremendous success of the DPA and DPI businesses, which have been at the forefront of Dubai's extraordinary transformation into one of the world's leading trade and commerce hubs.
"DP World manages the commercial and operational aspects of the port network, formerly developed and managed by DPA and DPI.
"In 2005, the terminals operated by DP World handled an estimated 13 million TEU which include ports on five continents from the Americas to Asia."
"On 29 November 2005, DP World announced the terms of a recommended cash offer to acquire all of the issued and to be issued Deferred Stock of the P&O Group. When completed, this deal will make DP World a top three global port operator.
"DP World also has interests in logistics businesses in Hong Kong and China, notably ATL, the market leading logistics operator based at Kwai Chung, Hong Kong."


"The United Arab Emirates (UAE), under new leadership upon the November 2, 2004 death of its president, Shaykh Zayid bin Sultan al-Nuhayyan, has undergone a smooth transition, but it remains weak militarily and surrounded by several powerful and ambitious neighbors. Political reform has been minimal, but its relatively open economy and borders, particularly in the emirate of Dubai, have caused problems in proliferation, terrorism, and human trafficking. In March 2005, the United States opened negotiations with UAE on a free trade agreement (FTA)." --"The United Arab Emirates (UAE): Issues for U.S. Policy," Congressional Research Service, Updated May 9, 2005. See Middle East Free Trade Area (MEFTA). Note: emphasis added.

"Dubai was also an important base for the 9/11 plotters, and as one of the seven tiny states that make up the United Arab Emirates, it does not recognize Israel," Corky Siemaszko wrote in the February 21, 2006, New York Daily News.

DP World Lobbyists

"Tim Ryan, Mark Dennis, Andrew Rice, Haya Chelhot, and Steven Eames of Bell Pottinger Public Affairs registered to lobby for DP World FZE to lobby on 'Legislative and regulatory consideration relating to acquisition of P&O Steam Navigation Company's North American assets by Port, Customs, & Free Zone Corporation of Dubai.'" --PoliticalMoneyLine, March 27, 2006.



Board (2012)

Accessed June 2012: [3]

Key People (2006)

Contact Information

P.O. Box 17000
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone (General Switchboard): +971-4-881-1110
Fax: +971-4-881-1331
Email: info AT dpworld.com
Website: http://www.dpiterminals.com/

Lobbyists and PR Consultants for DP World

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