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Daniel A. Ledeen is the son of Michael Ledeen, a fellow of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) who is widely described as a neo-conservative. According to Michael Ledeen's October 2005 Pajamas Media editorial board profile, Daniel Ledeen, 19, was "a freshman at Rice University in Houston on a Navy ROTC scholarship." [1]

In 2004, Daniel Ledeen, 17, worked as a summer intern for The New York Sun and gained brief notoriety when he asked Michael Moore at a press conference what he thought of Hezbollah being involved in the distribution of Fahrenheit 9/11.

The foundation for the accusation seems to have been an article in the UK's Guardian newspaper, which said "According to Screen International, the UAE-based distributor Front Row Entertainment has been contacted by organisations related to the Hezbollah in Lebanon with offers of help." Ledeen claims to have called the distributor to confirm the "involvement".

Other stories based on Ledeen's question at the press conference appeared in blogs stating that Hezbollah was involved in funding Fahrenheit 9/11, an accusation that seems to be an embellishment of the first accusation, with even less substantiation.

Contribution to Pennsylvannia Green Party: 2006 congressional election

On August 15, 2006, Daniel A. Ledeen, listed as an "educator" at Rice University in Houston, Texas, contributed a maximum $5,000 to the Green Party of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, according to a review of Federal Election Commission filings conducted by William Bunch, a senior writer for the Philadelphia Daily News and principal blogger for Attywood.com. Ledeen's contribution was part of more than $66,000 of contributions to the Pennsylvania Green Party that Bunch and other bloggers traced to conservative sources. Bunch explained the contributions as a likely attempt to draw votes away from Democratic candidates in tightly contested Pennsylvania congressional elections. Daniel Ledeen's mother, Barbara Ledeen, worked as an aide for Republican Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum.

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