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David Rose is a British journalist who by his own admission served as a conduit for intelligence disinformation[1] on both sides of the Atlantic. Three of his stories, based on alarmist testimony from INC defectors and asserting an Iraq-al-Qaida link, played a key role in selling the Iraq war.

Rose has also repeatedly written articles misquoting scientists on climate change.[2],[3],[4]


Rose has written for The Guardian[5], has been a columnist for Vanity Fair, and in the run-up to the Iraq war, was a reporter for the Observer.[6]

David Rose (@DavidRoseUK on Twitter) has not responded to repeated requests to say what if any scientific qualifications he has.[7] [8]

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  3. Tim Lambert (2010-01-29). Rosegate scandal still growing. Deltoid. Retrieved on 2010-12-08. “as well as misrepresenting Murari Lal and Mojib Latif, David Rose did the same thing to Roger Pielke Jr. Just as with Lal and Latif, no correction has been made.”
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