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Donald J. Devine editor of, the on line publication of the American Conservative Union Foundation. Devine is, according to his biogrpahical note, "a vice chairman of ACU and the foundation and has served as a member of their Boards of Directors for more than 20 years." [1]

He was a former professor of government at the University of Maryland at College Park. During the first Reagan term, he served as director of the Office of Personnel Management.

"Devine is the former director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, and is presently the Grewcock Professor of American Values at Bellevue University, a columnist, a writer, an adjunct scholar at The Heritage Foundation, and a political and management consultant," his biographical note states.

He was a consultant for the prediential campaign of Bob Dole and Steve Forbes' presidential campaigns, and "has been a consultant to Republican committees and many GOP campaigns."

He has written six books:

  • Reagan's Terrible Swift Sword
  • Reagan Electionomics
  • The Attentive Public
  • The Political Culture of the United States
  • Does Freedom Work?
  • Restoring the Tenth Amendment.

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