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Eagle Publishing is a conservative publishing company that was run by Thomas L. Phillips until 1999.

On its website it states that it is "considered by many America's leading conservative publishing company ... Our full range of products and services provide independent thinkers with perspective and solutions favoring the traditional American values of free enterprise, limited government, and individual liberty." [1]

It is a parent company of conservative book publisher Regnery Publishing. It also publishes the magazine Human Events. In January 2007, it acquired RedState.com.[1]

Unfair to writers?

In November 2007, five authors filed a lawsuit against Eagle, the parent company of Regnery Publishing, "charging that the company deprives its writers of royalties by selling their books at a steep discount to book clubs and other organizations owned by" Eagle Publishing. Authors Jerome R. Corsi, Bill Gertz, Lt. Col. Robert (Buzz) Patterson, Joel Mowbray and Richard Miniter allege that Eagle Publishing "orchestrates and participates in a fraudulent, deceptively concealed and self-dealing scheme to divert book sales away from retail outlets and to wholly owned subsidiary organizations within the Eagle conglomerate." The authors say that Eagle sells or gives away copies of Regnery books to book clubs, newsletters and other organizations owned by Eagle, "to avoid or substantially reduce royalty payments to authors." The New York Times reported: [2]

Mr. Miniter said that meant that although he received about $4.25 a copy when his books sold in a bookstore or through an online retailer, he only earned about 10 cents a copy when his books sold through the Conservative Book Club or other Eagle-owned channels. "The difference between 10 cents and $4.25 is pretty large when you multiply it by 20,000 to 30,000 books," Mr. Miniter said. "It suddenly occurred to us that Regnery is making collectively jillions of dollars off of us and paying us a pittance." He added: "Why is Regnery acting like a Marxist cartoon of a capitalist company?"


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