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EcoHealth Alliance (formerly known as Wildlife Trust and before that as the Wildlife Preservation Trust International) "is an international organization of scientists dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity. For more than 35 years, Wildlife Trust has focused its efforts on conservation. Today, we are known for our innovative research on the intricate relationships between wildlife, ecosystems and human health.

"Wildlife Trust’s work spans the U.S. and more than 20 countries in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia to research ways for people and wildlife to share bioscapes for their mutual survival. Our strength is built on our innovations in research, education and training and our accessibility to international conservation partners." [1]

"Wildlife Trust pioneered the field of Conservation Medicine, a new discipline that addresses the link between ecological disruption of wildlife, livestock, and human health and survival. Our work includes research into the discovery and causes of disease emergence such as SARS, AIDS, Lyme disease, West Nile virus, Avian Influenza and the deadly Nipah virus." [2]

"Wildlife Trust was founded in 1971 by British naturalist, author and television personality Gerald M. Durrell, who is perhaps best known for his many entertaining books based on his life’s work with animals, as well as a dozen series on the BBC.

"Durrell's love and interest in animals led him to create his own zoo to serve primarily as a breeding center for endangered species. Durrell founded the Jersey Zoological Park in 1958 to house his growing collection of animals. He then built up The Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust (now the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust) to engage in international conservation efforts, and in 1971, he founded a sister organization in America called Wildlife Preservation Trust International." [3]

Their partners are Wildlife Trust Alliance and Consortium for Conservation Medicine. [4]


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